chinese famous brand 480v 3 phase portable 7kw diesel generator

chinese famous brand 480v 3 phase portable 7kw diesel generator
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 Generation 2 SUN-2000G2-WAL-LCD 2000W MPPT

Wind Grid Tie Inverter 



Wind Grid Tie inverter AC input---AC output 

Built-in power Limiter

Conbime with Dump load resister


AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V  

Build In Rectifier                                                        Build In Dump Load Controller
Build In High Wind Protection                                   Pure sine wave output                            Packing with Dump load resister                                Universal Plug

The Wind Grid Tie Power Inverter is the world’s most technologically advanced inverter for use in utility-interactive applications. This manual details the safe installation and operation of the The Wind Grid Tie Inverter.

This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and implifies design, installation and management.

The small type wind grid tie power inverter can obtain the wind energy from wind turbine, and can tie to the grid through its output cables with no extra equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable.

We call the system combining with small grid tie inverter and wind turbine as ‘SGWT’. The system includes wind turbine and small grid tie inverter and installation kit, and some “SGWT” also will include controller, dump load resistor.

The inverter can be connected to any outlets of utility grid at house. The small grid tie inverter monitors the volume, frequency and phase of the home utility grid, then produce pure sine wave AC power that the frequency and phase are as same as the grid\'s, and the volume is a bit higher than the grid\'s, then according to the current controlled PWM, to control the output

power to the grid. The small grid tie inverter just puts out power when the home grid is on.

When the wind turbine is rotating, and the output of the voltage is in the range of the rated input voltage of the inverter, the wind turbine will produces power, and the grid tie inverter will change the power from wind turbine to the home grid. When the total power of electric apparatus that are using in the house is larger than the output power of the inverters, these

power from the inverters will be consumed in the house, this will slow down the power meter, otherwise, the difference of the output power of the inverter between the total used power of the apparatus will go out from the house to the out grid.

  Input Voltage Range:22-60vdc/45-90vdc   (test point is at the output of the inside rectifier) , Peak power tracking voltage:25-60v/50-90v ,  Max output power:1000w  , Nominal Voltage Range: 95-140v/185-265v  , Max Efficiency:>92%  ,  MPPT Efficiency:99%


limiter with wifi


How to Set WIFI function Click here

Technical Data

Input Data

Input Voltage Range


Max input DC voltage


Peak power tracking voltag


Output Data

Max output power


Nominal Voltage

 110vac/230vac auto sensing

Nominal Voltage Range


Frequency Range

 47.5-51.5 for 50hz;  59.3-60.5 for 60hz                                

Power Factor


Output Waveform

 Pure sine wave

Characteristic Data

MPPT Efficiency


Over current protection


Over temperature protection


Reverse polarity protection


Anti-island protection



Just for AC output

Operating temperature range

-20 \'C --- +50 \'C

Inverter inside temperature

-20 \'C --- +85 \'C

Current THD


Voltage THD






Peak Inverter Efficiency



2 years


mechanical specification

Operating Temperature Range

-10 0C  ~  45 0C








SUN-2000G-WAL-LCD.jpg 5


SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 6



SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 8

SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 10a

LCD display

SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 12

11 SUN-1000GTIL2-LCD


How to use it


1. Considering the total capacity of the grid tie power system that you need.

The total capacity of the whole grid tie power system is according to your power consumption in the site that you want to install, or how much power that you want it to feed to the utility grid. Actually, the volume is just according to your willingness, because when the total power of electric appliances that are being used in the installation site is larger than the output power of the grid tie power system, these power from the system will be consumed in the site, this will slow down the power meter, otherwise, the difference of the output power from the system between the total used power of the appliances will feed to the utility grid.

For example, if you want to install a grid tie power system in your house, you could decide the total power volume according to the total power the appliances that you use in your house, maybe the consumption of total energy in per day is about 5KWH, then you should realize the averaged speed of the wind in per day at your site, check the power to the speed of the wind curve from the specifications of the wind turbine, then you can estimate the average power that the wind turbine can generate, actually the real average power the wind turbine can generate at your side is not easy to estimate, you need to check the history data of the climate, because it will vary every day according to the climate, just assume a 1KW rated wind turbine is suitable for the grid tie power system that you plan to set, with this capacity of the system,it can supply all power consumption in whole year.

When grid tie power system is working, sometimes, there is extra power feed to utility grid if the power from the grid tie system is larger than the power consumed by the appliances in your house, and sometimes will not when it is not larger.

If you use a 1KW wind turbine, then we call the “GTWT” system is 1KW grid tie power system, of course, you can install 500W grid tie power system or 2KW grid tie inverter, even more large capacity or more small capacity grid tie inverter, it doesn’t matter. But ifthe capacity is too big, you should consider the volume of AC system of your house can hold the feeded power.

2. Choosing applicable wind turbine for our Grid Tie Inverter.

The most kinds of specifications that the factories marked about the wind turbines:

1, Starting wind speed(m/s);

2, Cut-in wind speed(m/s);

3, Rated wind speed(m/s);

4, Rated power;

5, Max. power;

6, Safe wind speed(m/s);

7, Rated DC voltage.

You need to choose a wind turbine that the rated power can meet the power consumption for your using. When you choose a wind turbine, you also need to consider ahead what model gird tie inverter of SUN series you want to use. Wind turbines have two output type, one is AC output type, and another is DC output type, if the wind turbine is DC output type, it must be integrated with a rectifier. So if the wind turbine is AC output type, you should use WAL model of SUN series grid tie inverter, if the wind turbine is DC output type, then you should use WDL model of SUN series grid tie inverter.

3. Selecting accessory for installation of the Grid Tie Power System .

The accessory for grid tie power system including:

1, Connecting cables will be connected with wind turbine and inverters.

2, Connectors.

3, AC cables.

4, Power meter(Optional).

5, Bracket for wind turbine installation(not included in this user manual).

4. Selecting correct model of our Grid Tie Inverter.

When finished step1 to step3, then you can select a correct model of SUN series inverter. If the wind turbine is DC output type, then you should choose WDL model inverters, and the input DC voltage range of the inverter should fit the DC output voltage of the wind turbine, the rated power of the inverter should also fit the max. power of the wind turbine, and the AC output of the inverter should fit the standard of AC utility grid.

If the wind turbine is AC output type, then you should choose WAL model inverters. Most factories don’t supply the AC rated voltage, just supply DC rated voltage, so our WAL also supply the DC input range, please check the DC rated voltage of wind turbine should fit the DC input range of the grid tie inverter.

5. Installing wind turbine to suitable place.

Installing the wind turbine of the “SGWT” to suitable location where the wind is strong enough to drive the wind turbine.

Warning: Please read the user manual of wind turbine before you install the wind turbine,don’t install the wind turbine under high wind.

Warning: Ensure using strong braket to fix the wind turbine to avoid the danger under high wind.

Warning: The blades of the wind turbine should be taken down before the hurricane is coming.

6. Installing our Grid Tie Inverter to suitable place.

Place the Grid Tie Inverter on a surface protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and water. The inverter requires at least 150mm of clearance around itself for ventilation. The inverters are for indoor use, can’t use at outdoor. You can use screws to fix the inverter to the surface, because some models of Sunshine grid tie inverter have fans on the bottom cover, so the surface should be flat.

7. Connecting our Grid Tie Power System with cables and connectors.

Connecting the Grid Tie Power System with Cables and Connectors After finished from Step1 to Step6, you should connect the wind turbine and inverter with cables and connectors to integrate the Sunshine Grid Tie System.

8. Grounding the system.

Connect the ground terminal of the wind turbine to the NEC approved AC grounding electrode.

Connect the grid tie inverters to the grounded racking using a grounding washer approved for the racking. The ground wire of the AC cables is connnected to the housing of inverter when the AC cables is connected to the inverters, so when the AC plug is inserted to the socket of AC outlet of utility grid in the house, the ground pin of the socket must be connected to the Earth ground.

Last. Connecting the wind turbine output cables after complete from Step1 to Step8.

Warning: Before connect the wind turbine output cables to grid tie inverter, you should stop the the rotating of the wind turbine just in order to avoid the sparkle when connect the cables.


sepecification drawing


SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 7


SUN-1000G2-WAL-LCD 7w








project 1



project 6


project 17


project 19project 5



packing list

1.Build in LIMITER

Build in Limiter Inverter---1pcs

dump load resister---1pcs

Limiter Sensor with 2m cable---1pcs

Power Cable---1pcs


2.Without Limiter


dump load resister---1pcs

Power Cable---1pcs



Build in Limiter & WIFI Inverter---1pcs

Wifi plug---1pcs

dump load resister---1pcs

Limiter Sensor with 2m cable---1pcs

Power Cable---1pcs




project 8

Minimum order more than 30pcs, then you can choose three colors

10 SUN-1000GTIL2-LCD




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