Hand cranked Peanut Crusher Mill Grain Powder Grinding Machine Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Pepper Seasoning Herbs Pulverizer

Hand cranked Peanut Crusher Mill Grain Powder Grinding Machine Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Pepper Seasoning Herbs Pulverizer
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5.5KW Sesame Seed Peanut butter Colloid Mill Grinder Machine





Applicable to all types of emulsion homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, mixing, crushing, grinding. Widely used in food (fruit pulp, fruit juice, milk protein, soy milk, milk, dairy products, beverages, etc.), pharmaceuticals (various types of syrup, nutrition, medicine, poultice, etc.), chemicals (paints, dyes, paints, lubricants, petroleum catalysts, etc.) and emulsified asphalt, coal floating agents, emulsifying and other industries.


working principle

The basic operating principle is the shear colloid mill, grinding and high speed stirring, milled tooth profile incline relative rely disc and friction, while under the influence of high-frequency vibration, high-speed vortex complex forces of the grinding material, emulsification , grinding, homogenization.


JM series colloid mill compact structure simple, small size, light weight, easy to operate, but not by the grinding, the base composition of transmission parts and motor parts. All parts in contact with materials of high quality stainless steel, the key components of the machine grinding movement, according to the nature of the material being processed is different from tooth grinding differ, but the materials are made of stainless tool manufacturing. Specially designed motor as needed colloid mill and the installation of the motor flange retaining cover plate to prevent leakage.


JM series colloid mill operation is steady, shake slightly, according to the production and use need to be placed on a flat surface, or in the cement foundation.


Operating Precautions

1, the coupling good feed door or feeding tube, and the discharge port, or the circulation pipe and connected to the cooling water and exhaust drain pipe.

2, installed power actuating means, coupled ammeter and indicator. After connect the power, it should start running distinguish motor rotation from the inlet to see the direction should be clockwise.


3. Adjust the disc space, the two handle unscrew (counterclockwise twist) and then adjusting ring clockwise rotation of motor fan base with one hand inserted into the port side, turn the adjustment plate moved when there is a little friction sound immediately stopped, At this moment quasi-pointer readings to determine the gap to zero. But the digital reading on the dial ring to remember that this number is not between 0 degrees and the disc is 0, then reversed so that the grinding gap adjustment a little larger. This allows a number of grinding and long life. Then tighten the handle clockwise to lock the adjustment ring so that the fixed disc space.


4, disinfect, clean the body interior.


5, connected to the cooling water, starting immediately after the colloid mill to be operating normally feed into the mill processing.


6, will never allow processing of materials are quartz, broken glass; scrap metal and other hard materials mixed in, easy to use after a 15 mesh / inch screen processing. Otherwise it will damage the mill into dynamic and static disc.


7, the processing of materials that the motor load, the overload was found to reduce feeding.


8, a colloid mill in operation work, never promised to close the discharge valve, in order to avoid excessive pressure grinding chamber, causing leaks.


9, a colloid mill is a high-precision machinery, very little disc space, dynamic rotation speed. The operator should be strictly job, according to regulatory work, find fault and shut down, troubleshooting and then production.


10, colloid mill after use, should be cleaned without rendering the material left in the body, so as not to cause damage to the mechanical seal adhesive.